Luis Biasotto




May 7, 2017


Luis Biasotto

Luis is an Argentinian dancer, choreographer and director. In 1998 Biasotto co-founded Grupo Krapp with Luciana Acuña. They created together: Rio Seco, Mendiolaza, Olympica and the diptych Adonde van los muertos (lado A & B). Grupo Krapp’s work has toured internationally at festivals in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, Portugal, and the United States of America. Other personal works directed by Biasotto include: Africa, Buenas Intenciones en 1:19”, YO antes es ahora, Octubre, (un blanco en escena), Bajo feo y de Madera (Una pieza olvidada), Nocau Técnico, 36 reconstrucciones, Mr. Bunque, Demasiado filoso para el amor, Cuando se machuca el cerdo, and Muñequitos. This works have been shown in Argentina, Chili, Mexico, Panama, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain and France. His last piece, Things that happen was premiered At Centro Cultural General San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina on July, 15th, 2016 Luis Biasotto has also collaborated with other Argentinian artists like Mariano Pensotti, Carmen Baliero, Lola Arias, Alejo Moguillansky, Mauricio Kartun, Luis Cano, among others. Biasotto’s awards, honors and grants include the following: Zürcher Kantonalbank Förderpreis and Anerkennungspreis for Africa (2013), Trinidad Guevara prize for choreography for Luis Cano’s Coquetos Carnavales (2010), Grupo Krapp was awarded the Konex prize (2009), Olympica won first prize for the region of CABA at the Fiesta Nacional del Teatro in (2008), The best Show at Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza Huesca for Mendiolaza (2005). In addition, Biasotto has received the support of institution include: Fundación Antorchas, Instituto Prodanza, Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Fondo Metropolitano, Instituto Nacional del Teatro, Fondo Iberescena, among others. Since 2010, Mr. Biasotto has been on faculty at University of arts in Buenos Aires where he teaches choreographic composition.